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REMINDER - OGLETHORPE COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY COUNTY CONVENTION - SATURDAY, MARCH 23RD:  This Saturday, March 23rd, we will convene to elect Delegates and Alternates to our County, District and State GOP Conventions for the purpose of selecting our representation to the National GOP Nominating Convention in July. We will meet at the Oglethorpe County Library with the doors opening at 8:00 am.

April 9th we will have: Campbell - Tax Commissioner, Paul - Commission Chair, Jackson - Sheriff, and Jordan - DA.
Please be sure to renew your membership in the county party. We need your support more than the National party does because, as we've been saying, everything begins locally and spreads from there. 
It is very important that we find a place we could use as headquarters for the party. With the upcoming election, we need a place where we can gather and give information about the candidates and local issues as well as being able to sit and chat, maybe a cup of coffe as well. Please contact Dave Gossage at We will be posting our local representatives and who will be running for office. 

Here are the current members of our Board of Comissioners:                                   The current Executive Board for the OCGOP:

Jay Paul, Chairman,                                                     Chair:  William David Gossage (Dave)

Howard Sanders - District 1,                                           First Vice-Chair:  Ray Channell

Andy Saxon - District 2,                                                              Second Vice-Chair:  Sharon Doherty

David Clark - District 3,                                                        Secretary:  Susan Williams

William C Brown - District 4,                                                       Asst. Secretary:  Wynell Harper

Tracy Norman - District 5,                                     Treasurer:  Rosemary Vogle


Our current District Chairs:                                                                                               Current Precint Chairs:

District 1:  Carla Channel                                                                                                      Bevear Dam:  Cathy Ware

District 2:  OPEN                                                                                                                   Lexington:  Alice Williamson

District 3:  Denise Pass Van-Wicklen                                                                                    Crawford:  Dale Blalock

District 4:  Stan Shaw

District 5:  Sandi Pierce




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