This upcoming election is vital to our Country's future. We must ensure that voting is conducted in a legal fashion following voting rules and regulations. 

While mail-in voting has proven sketchy in previous elections country-wide, it is imperative that Republicans do our best to enable mail-in ballots are submitted by the voter. Rules are a little gray in some matters pertaining to who can actually collect ballots in the state of Georgia. At present, the Oglethorpe County GOP is offering rides to those voters who find it difficult to get to the polls to either vote in person or to hand in their absentee ballots. 

If you know someone who needs a ride, volunteer to help that person. You may also contact us. Sandi Pierce stated you can contact her at You can contact Sharon Doherty via 706-742-7784 and leave a message. 

Please be aware that the US Postal Service has had some major delays in delivering mail and in some instances residents have either not received mail or it has been weeks late. To that end, this group would like to stress the importance of either voting in-person or delivering your mail-in ballots directly to the polls. We cannot stress this point enough. 

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