The Oglethorpe County Republican Party Headquarters 

1149 Athens Road, Lexington (between Papa's Pizza and the A&B Emporium)


Our Next meeting is Tuesday, September 13 at the Library. Doors will open at 7:00pm with the meeting beginning at 7:30pm. Our guest speaker will be Trey Rhodes from the House of Representatives who is up for re-election this year. Also speaking will be Howard Sanders, OC BOC and Bruce Azavedo. Bruce Azavedo, Chairman of the Savannah-Upper Ogeechee Regional Water Planning Council. The Georgia Water Council is responsible for the development of a comprehensive water management plan, coordinating with the state EPD. The Director of the GA EPD (Richard Dunn) serves as Chair of the Water Council.  

In an interview a couple weeks ago, Mitch McConnell stated that it is doubtful the Republican Party will win the Senate as we have lackluster candidates running. Is this his method of trying to get Republican voters out to vote? This talk of a red wave will not happen if we do not vote.
The turnout for the primary in this county, while increased from the previous voting year, was lacking. It will be repeated again and again, if you don't vote, you've given the vote to the Democrats and that's a loss for America. Higher taxes and uncontrolled inflation has raped this country. Open borders allows undocumented individuals into our country and it has led to increased drug trafficing and human trafficing.
There are new outbreaks of polio and tuburculosis. Allowing "educated" individuals to say that a person's sex and gender are different! And how is it that if a person kills a pregnant woman and the baby dies as well it's considered double homicide yet allowing a doctor, who has taken an oath to do no harm, can kill a child even after it is born and it's' considered OK?
 If we fail to vote, we fail America and this we CANNOT do. 
Early voting begins October 17 and goes to November 4. Saturday voting is October 22 and 29. All Early Voting will take place at the Board of Elections Office, 41 Fairground Road, Lexington, GA. October 11, 2022 is the deadline to register to vote in the November 8, 2022 election. October 28 is the last day to submit an absentee ballot application for the November 8, 2022 election. November 8, 2022 is general election and precinct voting sites open at 7:00am and close at 7:00pm. Please visit Please visit     for further information and to find where your princinct voting site is. 
 The Madison County Fair will be held on September 27 through October 1. The fair is open in the evenings on the weekdays and all day Saturday. We will be represented at the fair and will need volunteers for the booth. Detailed information will follow shortly. The Fairgrounds are located at 1254 Main St, Comer, GA 30629.





Jay Paul, Chairman -                                                                     

Phone: (706) 743-5270, â€‹


Phil Sanders, District 1

Phone: (706) 759-3655


Andy Saxon, District 2

Phone: (706) 743-5919


David Clark, District 3

Phone: (706) 742-8612


William C. Brown, District 4

Phone: (706) 202-0629


Tracy Norman, District 5

Phone: (706) 207-4003




                              Chair:  William David Gossage (Dave)                          First Vice-Chair:  Ray Channell                                        

                              Second Vice-Chair:  Sharon Doherty                            Secretary:   Susan Williams                          

                              Assistant Secretary:  Dianne Fields                              Treasurer:  Donald Doherty

                                                                                         DISTRICT CHAIRS

                              District 1:  Carla Channell            District  2:   Vacant            District 3:  Denise Pass Van-Wicklen

                                                           Distric 4:  Stan Shaw            District 5:  Sandi Pierce

                                                                                       PRECINCT CHAIRS

                                                                 WT Fields          Ralph Wood          Cathy Ware




"The moral principles and precepts contained in the Scriptures ought to form the basis of all our civil constitutions....." Noah Webster

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