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Voter Registration Options

In person -  Board of Elections and Registration, 41 Fairground Road, Lexington GA 30648 

You must be a citizen of the United States, a legal resident of Georgia and the county in which you wish to vote, and at least 18 years of age by election day. 


Online - www.sos.georgia.gov.



2nd Tuesday of the Month  @ 7:30pm

Please note change in meeting venue ---

As we will be having more scheduled speakers attending our meetings, we will continue to hold the monthly meetings at the County Library located at 858 Athens Road, Lexington, until further notice.

Please join us for our monthly meetings and get to know your neighbors and members of our community, we have more in common than not. If you love America, our flag and the Constitution, the Republican party is the correct choice to ensure our freedoms for generations to come.

The meetings for the next three months are as follows: 

September 14th GOP Meeting: Guests - John Robertson with M.O.S.T., who spot checks, rivers, lakes, creeks, and streams for bad chemical runoff over the state will be explaining his vital role in protecting our waterways from bad actors who have no regard for law and keeps a watchful eye. Also speaking will be Kandiss Taylor who is running for Governor and brings with her a message for our Great State of Georgia. 

October 12th GOP Meeting: Guest - Ashley Gilles, Ga State GOP Chair for county's 80k and under will give an outline for training grass roots and growing our GOP in Oglethorpe County, followed by Marc McMain who is running for the10th Dist. Congressional Seat and sharing his views and goals for the U S Congress, if elected.

November 9th GOP Meeting: Guest - Timothy Barr who is running for the 10th Dist. Congressional Seat and is busy with the redistricting process going plans to attend.

AND we are extremely excited to have Kelvin King who is running for the US Senate. A Georgia businessman, staunch 2nd Amendment and US Constitution supporter, as well as a husband and a dad, ready to serve the good people of Georgia and answer your questions and concerns. 

Please bring a guest (or guests) to these meetings. We encourage you to come out and meet those who are running for office in our District and State. There will be a question and answer period at the meetings.

We at the Oglethorpe County Republican Party invite ALL those that support an America First and Georgia First Agenda, that love our country and our flag to attend. We ask you to join us as we move forward thru this year and into next year with the hope and expectations of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness as free Americans. By voting Republican you are voting for Freedom.

See you soon,

William David Gossage, Oglethorpe Co. GOP Chair





The Oglethorpe County GOP is seeking to fill the Secretary position for our party. The recently elected Secretary stepped down and has left this position open. If you are interested, please contact the OC GOP via our email - oglethorpecountygop@gmail.com



Oglethorpe County Senior Center has their food drive every 3 months on the first Saturday of each month. The last food drive was on the 26th of June so the next ones will be on Saturday, September 4 and then again on Saturday, December 4.

The food trucks arrive at the Center at 7:30am and they unload the pallets.

The volunteers are needed to help bring the cases of food into the building and unbox the items, separate them and then make up food boxes for those in need. It's not hard work.

Volunteers, please arrive as close to 7:30am as possible to help with this worthy task. The drive will last until 10:30am. 

If you need more information, call 706-743-8848 and speak to Dee or Brittany.



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