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1149 Athens Road, Lexington (between Papa's Pizza and the A&B Emporium)


Here's some information about our next speakers, straight from Holly Terei: "Christy Riggins serves as the Georgia State Director for the American Federation for Children as a passionate school choice advocate with years of experience in political communications and campaign operations. A born and raised Georgian, she now works to connect and organize families who seek the best possible educational opportunities for their kids.

Prior to joining AFC, Christy was the Communications Director for the Georgia Center for Opportunity (GCO), where she worked to further school choice and other opportunity-based initiatives in the Peach State. During her time with GCO, she helped promote growth of the state scholarship tax credit program, which was expanded in 2018. In a former life, she also enjoyed running a state-based political blog, operating a consulting business serving nonprofits, political candidates, and members of Congress, and working alongside legislators as a communications staffer in the Alabama House Majority Office.

Holly Terei currently serves as Georgia's grassroots coordinator for the American Federation for Children. Through these efforts, she has created Georgians for School Choice, a county by county movement, that educates and engages community members, lawmakers and supporting organizations on the important issue of school choice.

Holly is a vocal advocate for school choice, as she too was the recipient of school choice vouchers, while growing up in Cleveland, Ohio. Being the mother of 2 special needs children, Holly also brings the unique perspective that education should not have a one size fits all approach. She has spent the last 11 years advocating and fighting for the educational rights of children with learning disabilities."

Our Next meeting is August 9 at the Library. Doors will open at 7:00pm with the meeting beginning at 7:30pm. 
During one Eric Erickson show about a week ago, a caller said that he was having issues in fully supporting one of the Republican candidates, the candidate just did not tick all the boxes. Unfortunately Erickson advised the caller to either vote for the Democrat or don't vote at all!!! Please do NOT take that stance in this election. With all the chaos being perpetuated by the now ruling government, we MUST stand behind our candidates no matter what. The gentleman said that he didn't want to waste his vote hence he may not vote at all. That thought is absolutely a waste of a vote(s). We are being fed a stream of hopefulness by the Republican party that come November there will be a huge red wave. This wave WILL NOT happen if we do not get out and vote and vote RED. What the Liberals are trying to do with all that media propaganda is to crush our spirit to the point that Conservatives will just not show up at the polls. We cannot struss enough the importance of showing up, en mass, and pulling that R lever (well, yeah, there are no levers anymore but y'all get the picture). Enough money is being sent abroad or used in the wrong areas here in the US. Critical Race Theory, revolving door for criminals, a full scale effort to take away our second amendment rights along with our first amendment rights, additional "genders" being added to registrations/paperwork (a gender identy class is now being given for inmates, an exorbitant waste of tax money, big time), closing down all the well drilling and forcing us to look to OPEC once again for fuel, focusing on foreign illegals instead of focusing on those in need here in our country (especially the veterans). This has got to stop and the ONLY way is to vote and vote Republican (yes, I'm well aware of the RINO already in Washington). And we, OCGOP, need your help to get this done. We need volunteers to go door to door and we are open to any suggestions you may have on how we can persuade Conservatives on both sides to vote red. Contact us via our email address  - - or give one of us a call. Dave's phone number is 706-614-0633. Sharon's phone number is 706-742-7784. Or contact any of the OCGOP Board members. As Larry Elder always says "We have a country to save".


Jay Paul, Chairman -                                                                     

Phone: (706) 743-5270, â€‹


Phil Sanders, District 1

Phone: (706) 759-3655


Andy Saxon, District 2

Phone: (706) 743-5919


David Clark, District 3

Phone: (706) 742-8612


William C. Brown, District 4

Phone: (706) 202-0629


Tracy Norman, District 5

Phone: (706) 207-4003




                              Chair:  William David Gossage (Dave)                          First Vice-Chair:  Ray Channell                                        

                              Second Vice-Chair:  Sharon Doherty                            Secretary:   Susan Williams                          

                              Assistant Secretary:  Dianne Fields                              Treasurer:  Donald Doherty

                                                                                         DISTRICT CHAIRS

                              District 1:  Carla Channell            District  2:   Vacant            District 3:  Denise Pass Van-Wicklen

                                                           Distric 4:  Stan Shaw            District 5:  Sandi Pierce

                                                                                       PRECINCT CHAIRS

                                                                 WT Fields          Ralph Wood          Cathy Ware




"The moral principles and precepts contained in the Scriptures ought to form the basis of all our civil constitutions....." Noah Webster

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