The Oglethorpe County Republican Party Headquarters 

1149 Athens Road, Crawford (between Papa's Pizza and the A&B Emporium)

CORRECTION:   The next meeting will be April 11 at the the OCGOP Headquarters. Our Guest Speaker will be Jay Paul, OC Board of Commissioners Chairperson who will discuss the ongoing sludge problem and how the BOC is addressing this issue. Below is a link to a video entitled "Georgia's Dirty Little Secret". Meet and Greet at 7 PM with the County meeting beginning at 7:30 PM. Approval of Minutes and the Treasurer's Report are county business. Please share this information with friends and neighbors who are interested in the Republican party or are conservative thinkers.
Here is the link to the video  -
The 2023 Annual Membership is under way. Those who have not paid this year's membership dues may bring the membership application and payment to the February meeting or mail the form to 49 Owensby Mill Road, Winterville, GA 30683.
Our County convention will be held Saturday March 11 at the Library. The purpose for this convention is for the election of  County party officers. It will also be for the purpose of electing Delegates and Alternates to the Congressional District Convention and the State Convention. Anyone interested in having their name placed into nomination as a County Party Officer, Delegate or Delegate Alternate to the 10th District or State Republican convention is required to submit a letter of intent, political resume or application to the Oglethorpe County GOP Nominating Committee by 8:00PM on February 24 via email to:  Anyone interested in running for office, delegate or alternate must fill in an application for each. The application form can be found on the "Get Involved" page. Please download, fill out and send it in. Applications must be received no later than February 24, 2023. A separate form must be filled out for each position you are interested in.

Jay Paul, Chairman 
Phone:  (706) 743-5270
Howard Sanders - District 1
Phone:  (706) 207-6004
Andy Saxon, District 2
Phone:  (706) 743-5919
David Clark, District 3
Phone:  (706) 742-8612
William C. Brown, District 4
Phone:  (706) 202-0629
Tracy Norman, District 5
Phone:  (706) 207-4003


                              Chair:  William David Gossage (Dave)                          First Vice-Chair:  Ray Channell                                        

                              Second Vice-Chair:  Sharon Doherty                            Secretary:   Susan Williams                          

                              Assistant Secretary:  Dianne Fields                              Treasurer:  Donald Doherty

                                                                                         DISTRICT CHAIRS

                              District 1:  Carla Channell            District  2:   Vacant            District 3:  Denise Pass Van-Wicklen

                                                           Distric 4:  Stan Shaw            District 5:  Sandi Pierce

                                                                                       PRECINCT CHAIRS

                                                                 WT Fields          Ralph Wood          Cathy Ware



"There is nothing Government can give you that it hasn't taken from you in the first place." Winston Churchill  

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